Founder Jim Stephenson

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Meet the Founder

Jim became a legally ordained Minister on 11/29/2005 but has been unable to build his Church or even worship at Churches without incident.


Jim was the only religious member of his immediate family and he believes that these criminals will be punished by God, especially for the corruption of children. GOOD Christians can peacefully choose not to retaliate because they believe that God will punish these criminals in the end. The verse that gives Jim the most comfort is Mathew 18:6 which states: but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.


Jim Stephenson Jr. at Florida Southern College in 1976/77. Jim won the Hustle Award as a Freshman and started at four different positions.


     After Jim was forced to leave FSC, Jim became the most recruited Basketball Player in Florida by FL Junior Colleges. Jim was listed in Who's Who of USA JC's for academic excellence in Comp/Sci at Bucks County CC in 1980.
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Jim's Computer Training Institute, the International Institute of Computer Science, dba. IICS, was licensed by the State of Florida to teach IBM AS/400 related courses of study.     


To steal is one thing but to destroy American Businesses and harm American Workers that want to become Computer Experts is another. IICS was primed for the Y2K boom and could have trained thousands of Americans at very low rates. Ironically, Jim was the only US Programmer that he knows of that was unemployed (PURPOSELY) over the nine prime months of Y2K (6/1999 to 3/2000). THIS IS 100% proof positive that the Conspirators have prevented Jim from employment and do so to this very day. You can not fight back without money!   

     Jim's basketball career and education was cut short by Family, Female/Gay Hate Activists, Lawyers, PI's, so called Christian Brothers, Coaches, Teachers and sympathizers of these groups. In 1991, Jim was manipulated into taking a course in Race Relations at FSC Orlando by Police at OPD (his employer). Jim was asked to repeat controversial statements that Professor Albright purposely made in class. Albright was a retired Law Enforcement Officer that Liberated Concentration Camps in WWII and fought to found Israel. OPD Staff asked Jim to repeat setup statements made by Albright to smear him as anti-Jewish and anti-Black before he was sent to Africa to be smeared, sexually assaulted and almost raped while drugged by an American PI. Edited voice recordings make it appear that Jim made the controversial statements and not his Professor. Jim has been falsely smeared against many races, religions and ethnic groups in a similar fashion by these Conspirators. FSC has close relations with the Jewish Community (Lawyers, Teachers, etc.) around Abington/Jenkintown, PA through Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. Jim was purposely placed at FSC by these Lawyers, Teachers and Conspirators in 1976 to be smeared and harassed by the KKK and Racists. While in Uganda Africa, Jim tried to erect historical plaques in Entebbe near the airport to honor those that died in the Israeli "Raid on Entebbe" and at a hidden Hindu shrine where South Asians prayed that they could escape Uganda because Ide Amin was exterminating them in the 1970's. Since 1967 Jim's family has lived in Jewish areas and Jim has had many very good Jewish friends. In 1995, Jim had the best Conversion in the State of FL and he was helped by very nice South Asian Programmers from Unisys. Jim has never been a hater and likes good people from all over the world. Jim always stands up for people that have been wronged but now he has been falsely smeared against many groups so criminals in these groups get away with serious crimes. Jim was threatened by Ugandan Central Bank IT Management where he worked and they accused Jim of being Jewish because he was circumcised and tried to erect the plaques. Jews and even people that visit Israel were not allowed in many Muslim Countries in 1991 when Jim was there. In Hawaii in 2009, Jim came to the aid of women (twice) and a black transsexual being threatened by a disturbed young and very strong man risking his personal safety for others. Jim has done the same type of brave things in Wilmington, Lancaster and even at the Orlando Police Department in 1989 for a woman that was in fear for her life. Jim always stands up for others and he will do so this time for men and children being harmed by Female Hate Activists and Lawyers.

     Jim was called an All-American Male by the Conspirators and their PI's in 1997. They told Jim that he was smeared so bad that nobody will help him. Jim has always been very excepting and he likes people of all backgrounds. Jim does NOT like RUTHLESS CRIMINALS FROM ANY GROUP. The Conspirators are criminals and they know that Jim will testify against them. This is why (MOTIVE) the Conspirators have to smear and vilify a very good man. In 1995, the Conspirators purposely pitted Jim against Lawyers and Doctors with Medical Records that were falsified from Winter Park Hospital in FL and Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH), Jim's most involved former employer. These Lawyers, Conspirators and Activists stole money (10 Million) from AIG in a fraudulent court case. They funneled some of the stolen money to local non-profit Organizations like A Woman's Place while corrupt members of the Police and DA Office turn a blind eye and allow it to happen. Some poor people are benefiting from these crimes and that is why Jim has been pitted against Social Services, Social Security, etc. The Stephenson family and many others stage these fraudulent cases and profit from these frauds with money and disability claims. BELIEVE IT! We believe that the criminals are taking the Lions share of the thefts.

     Jim was the only religious member of his immediate family. His paternal Grandmother took him to Church almost every Sunday until the age of 10 when the family moved to Seattle from Cincinnati. His family briefly attended Church from 9/1967 to 12/1970 until Jim was age 13.5. Jim could not attend Church in Delaware very much because his family would not take him but he became active again in College. Since that time, Jim has been purposely prevented from attending Church on a regular basis by his family, activists and his employers. The Conspirators corrupt normally decent Christians with the false smear material and bring out the very worst in people. A few degenerate females flirt with Jim in Church and they try to project that Jim  attends service to find a wife. A young child (about 8) was accidentally hurt by his attractive mother that was corrupted by female hate activists. She was desperately trying to get out the side door before Jim for a Photo Op that the PI's use to manipulate Ministers and others. They do the same type of staged Photo OP's using Black Women, Handicapped Women and young minor girls. On Jim's last day in Wisconsin (7/7/2008), he was PURPOSELY forced to share a Cab with 3 minor girls (about 10) in swimming suits by the local involved Cab Company. Since 6/1977 to the present, minor female members of Jim's extended family are purposely made to enter rooms where Jim is in wearing underwear, swimsuits, risque costumes and risque night dresses for Photo OP's and to upset Jim. Jim's sexual child abusing mother is behind it and the female activists know about it and still help her. Sexual smear campaigns using minor females have been happening off and on since 1974 by children of Conspirators like the Reagan, Raspoli, Hoy, Sanford School Staff (Taylor, Cope, Dunn, Hoffman, Hunter, etc.), Stewart, Lawler, Henning, Chesney and many more involved families. These are the Photo OP's they use to destroy men outside the Court System. Jim has had partially clothed women and teens (one in Africa) walk by him near windows and open doors where he has stayed to build the false smear campaign. In 1974, Jim heard a huge crash that shook the entire house when he babysat for the Police Reagan family. He ran upstairs to check on the children and the girl (about 9) was sexually posed in her underwear. She did not move in more than four hours so Jim covered her up and never touched her body as the Conspirators know. Not one kid woke up from the extremely loud crash and vibration which was impossible (they were drugged). This was the death blow FALSE smear used to pit sixteen year old Jim against the Police and the female hate activists. Almost all the girls used are sexually abused and/or sexually active. Reds Reagan, an HR Manager that works with Lawyers, is the brother of the then Wilmington (Del) Police Chief and this was a photo op smear. Activists and Police use their women including co-workers, wives  and daughters to flirt, seduce, sexually assault and destroy men in cases. In 2004 the eldest Reagan son Sean called Jim and said that he had a head injury and was on the Delaware Sex Offender website. He said his father Reds was dead and that his mother and brother moved to Key West. Jim immediately offered Sean a free place to live after not seeing him for 24 years but degenerate Sean started to give Jim the business letting Jim know he was involved. Jim looked Sean up on the Delaware Sex Offender Website and Sean was the only offender that did not have his address listed on the site! Sean was off the website the very next day in this setup? Jim worked countless hours with Sean as a child teaching him basketball skills and building his confidence. Jim would have risked his own life to save any member of the Reagan family  and that is how they repaid him for a cut of the stolen money. I guess that is how they afford the Florida Keys.

     So many of the people involved since 1972 are supposedly dead or collecting disability (illegally) which is not an accident. Jim was even drugged and raped by Staff at the Orlando PD where he worked. The Conspirators lied (smear) and said that Jim raped the Police Slut that sexually serviced over ten OPD Staff Members while Jim worked for OPD. The first of six encounters was in a hotel room in Daytona in a setup after Jim was drugged when they were suppose to visit the rapists mother. Jim's mother and wife Christine (wife since 6/1978) were involved with the smear, setups and the rapes while Jim was severely drugged. Jim had asked Christine for a divorce three times before he was raped by a OPD Jezebel because she sabotaged his diet, would not go to church and would not help his daughter live a healthy life style which she agreed to before the family moved to Florida. Even today, Jim is prevented from living a healthy life style because he is kept with out money for healthy food for extended periods and is prevented from medical care often. In 1989, Jim lost over 100 lbs at Optifast and the weight loss Psychologist told Jim that he was a stress eater. The Conspirators have severely harassed Jim over many years and put him under tremendous stress that has seriously damaged his health. They periodically prevent Jim from eating healthy food while he is purposely kept unemployed and his weight yo-yo's up and down because of it. The Conspirators are 100% aware that they are destroying his health and Jim reminds them frequently about it. They force Jim to work countless hours under tremendous stress in false emergency situations when he is allowed to work which hurts his health as well. Sustained stress kills and the combination of periodically being forced to eat bad food is provable attempted manslaughter.   

     The females in IAD were involved with the rape, sexual harassment and smear of Jim while he worked at OPD. Jim was offered sex by over 20 women at OPD (one from IAD) while he worked there from 2/1989 to 7/1991. This is how they work "Set them up and take them down".  Many Lesbians, including Police Officers, are used and pressured to try to rape, seduce, sexually assault and/or sexually harass Jim at places where he has worked, went to school or in public places. Jim was drugged and raped as a virgin of 19.5 by an 18 year old Lesbian Basketball Player at Florida Southern College in 10/1976. Female Hate Groups, Law Enforcement and Lawyers use sex as a weapon to control, manipulate and/or to destroy men. They use a combo of drugs that daze and confuse victims while making them extremely sexually aroused. These are the same combo of drugs that Gay men use to have sex with women. They are so powerful a victim either has to have sex or relieve themselves manually. These drugs are used by Gay men to father children with women that sexually revolt them so they are very powerful. Straight men will become sexually aroused by flirtatious women that they have zero attraction to when not under the influence of these drugs. These drugs are that powerful and that is how men are raped!

     Jim has never once sexually touched one of these corrupted children, even when he was severely drugged. In Florida a 13 year old girl pressed her developed chest in Jim's back around 1994! In 2009 in Hawaii a girl around 8 put her hand on Jim's leg and tried to run her hand up his leg under his swim shorts before Jim quickly stopped her before she touched his privates but she got disturbingly close. Her desperate mother had her brother taken away from her by Social Services and little Erica was expelled from school for bad behavior. Female Activists including Social Services use and control desperate women and there children so they can use them to destroy men they dislike. In Hawaii, Jim had many Women and a few girls expose themselves and/or commit sexually suggestive acts while in his presence. Jim had to leave Hawaii when he was purposely injured on two buses by female hate activist drivers and at work four times while the Conspirators were trying to temporarily disable Jim. They were trying to make him quit so he would not have enough money to fight back with. Jim finally left Hawaii after he was seriously injured and when the female hate community sent a young teenage girl to flirt with Jim at a Bus Stop. This girl, around sixteen, asked Jim if he was excited after she committed a sexually suggestive act and later threatened him before she left! A few months earlier, the female hate activists, had two attractive lesbian teenagers make out on a bus committing severe sexual acts in his presence. Jim got a picture but Police and the Bus Company would not do anything. In fact, five other sets of girls and young women (most were not lesbians) committed suggestive Lesbian Acts on buses after that to upset Jim. It only upsets Jim when they use girls and young women so that is why they use them.

     They use this smear material to threaten Jim against retaliation, often telling him about what they do to rapist and child abusers in jail. This is the MOTIVE behind the sexual corruptions of minors. Many Prison Guards threaten Jim in public places like his gym to intimidate him. These are ruthless Criminals and Activists with no limits. They have tried to kill Jim many times, making it look accidental since at least 1997 when the AIG FRAUD went to the very CORRUPT Federal Courts in NYC. They routinely threaten Jim with medical conditions like Hart Attacks, Comas, Strokes and diseases like MRSA. Jim has been purposely infected/injured with the Flu several times, injured many times, rashes and eye infections and refused medical care since 2006 in DE, PA, WI and HI. Since 1998, these criminals have built a false medical smear campaign saying that Jim has a sleeping disorder so they can murder him while he is forced to drive while purposely deprived of sleep. Since 1998, ALL the places that Jim has worked and lived at have had severe temperature conditions ranging from 33 degrees to over 100 degrees indoors. They use heat to make Jim tired and extreme cold for severe pain. These Professional Criminals build false smear material well before the crime is committed so they can control the Police, Courts and decent people that would normally help the falsely smeared victim.

     You want proof that a Conspiracy really exists? Jim has not been able to get a full-time job in the high demand Computer field since 2002 but two foreign (Canadian) Programmers, one around 60 years old, with very limited English skills where hired at the company that Jim last Contracted for in Hawaii. Work-a-holic Jim was unemployed during Y2K which is impossible! The $10,000,000 Head Injury Fraud from AIG in the Federal Courts in NYC just disappeared but an involved Lawyer moved his firm to an improved upscale location in Bucks County from Montgomery County after the theft. Jim has been trying to divorce (annulment) his wife since 1998 but he can not get a Lawyer to help. Jim could not get a Lawyer or a Doctor in Hawaii when he was severely hurt on a bus twice and at work several times. Jim has contacted over 1,500 Lawyers from NYC all the way to Hawaii but none will even meet with him. Even Jim's childhood friend, that is a Lawyer in Delaware, refused to see Jim twice from 2006 to 2008 after Jim was injured by the Conspirators. The family fortune managed by ruthless Aunt Inez Gingerich supposedly disappeared after she died. Jim was not invited to his own Grandmothers funeral but yet he lives with his father and sisters family, why? Jim was forced out of Abington Hospital in 1988 two weeks before his retirement was vested but he was led to believe he had secured it before he resigned to move to FL. Jim was forced to sit next to A Woman's Place Solicitors wife (Bolla) for six months before he was forced out of Abington Hospital. Many of the Conspirators involved with the Conspiracy since 1976 to date are collecting disability. Despite being a very popular All-State Basketball Player, Jim had lost all contact with his closest (involved and assigned) friends and classmates with the exception of the past few years when he has been contacted (mainly emails) by many letting him know they were/are involved. Jim has not been able to speak in A Bucks County Court room since 1/1996 when the problems began, even when he was being smeared by a member of A Woman's Place. A Judge in Bucks County and in Montgomery County cleared the Courtrooms when Jim tried to speak to report the Conspirators and Activists on the record. Their is so much more proof but their is not enough space to list it.

     The reason you must help with this situation is because 99.9% of the smear campaign is false and the other .1% was caused by being illegally drugged, setup and/or manipulated. The reason Jim is so decent is the fact that his mother and grandmother both groomed him to be their caretakers in his formative years and they made sure Jim had very strong values. Jim was also strongly influenced by the teachings of Jesus as a child and off and on every since. Christianity has giving Jim a guide on how to act and to react to bad situations. Jim tries to use these lessons in his struggle with these criminals and to defuse situations that most very strong alpha males would solve with violence and aggression. The positive character influences of athletics has also made Jim brave, fair, strong, motivated and given him a tremendous will to work hard and to succeed against all odds. Very few people would still be as good, decent, clean or even alive after being destroyed by family, activists and ruthless Lawyers. One Doylestown Police Officer told Jim that he could not last one day in Jim's shoes. It is easy for Jim to continue the fight because stopping the destruction and corruption of children, men and America is worth more to Jim than his own life or well being. This fight is that important so PLEASE HELP EXPOSE, PROSECUTE AND STOP THESE CRIMINALS!

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