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     Our phones have been blocked, monitored and tampered with by Private Investigators since at least 1995 because of a multi-million dollar head injury case involving James. If you can organize a group to report these crimes and to get an honest Lawyer consider contacting Jim at the number/address listed below! You will be monitored by Private Investigator's (PIs) and/or Activists so take notes and get information if somebody tries to prevent you from contacting Jim Jr. You will be very well compensated (possible millions) if we can win settlements from the crimes committed against Jim and MadDogsUSA!   

To reach MadDogsUSA:
Phone: 215-666-6522.

Mail: MadDogsUSA, PO Box 7712, Philadelphia, PA 19101 Attention: Jim E. Stephenson

Office: 1213 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 18107 Suite 234

Send us an email: MadDogsUSA@AmSportsOrg.COM 

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MadDogsUSA * PO Box 7712 * Philadelphia, PA 19101 * Phone: 215-6666-522  Pictures:  ASO:  MadDogsUSA Email: MadDogsUSA@AmSportsOrg.COM