Our Purpose

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MadDogsUSA protects men and families from man-hating organizations and there sympathizers!

Organization Purpose:

The purpose of this organization is to prevent men and children from being corrupted, smeared and/or destroyed. Female hate activists, including many corrupt members in N.O.W., A Woman's Place and in Government Services manipulate and/or control key members of the Courts, Police, Social Services, Teachers, etc. Female dominated industries like the Government, Schools, Healthcare, Social Security, Social Services and many others are the worst offenders of Male Hate Crimes. Our goal is to make MALE BASHING Politically Incorrect in public places and in Female Dominated Circles. Female sexual harassment and assaults need to be reported, investigated and enforced because many men are drugged and raped so females can destroy them in divorce cases. Men are drugged with there children and falsely smeared as abusive. These organized groups apply makeup on women and children and take pictures used to destroy an innocent male. We have many situations where false information has been manufactured using children to destroy men. Believe It!      

Brief Background and Overview:

     We need your help to prevent Female Hate Groups like N.O.W. and A Woman's Place from destroying good men in divorce cases. These Hate Groups destroy families by smearing the male as Abusive and/or Unfaithful. They use drugs, setups and manipulation to build a smear campaign that is used to prevent the man from justice. The local ABUSE Community which often include Police, Judges and Activists punish, harass and destroy innocent men smeared as ABUSIVE until the victim has lost everything. BELIEVE IT! Some of the worst areas are New Castle County Delaware, Bucks County Pennsylvania, Volusia County Florida (Daytona), Hawaii and Orange County Florida (Orlando).  

    We need your help and/or resources to expose and stop these criminals from destroying good men and minor children in divorce cases. Organized Female Hate Groups are corrupting normally good women and pressuring them into smearing their husbands as abusive and/or unfaithful building a manufactured smear campaign.

     The combinations of drugs that they use are very powerful and good men fall victim to the negative effects of these drugs. BELIEVE IT!  They have no limits and they drug minor children to make a more convincing ABUSE SMEAR Material. Once a man is smeared as ABUSIVE these criminals use the Abuse Nazi Network to destroy the innocent man. They use young minor girls to flirt and even sexually assault grown men smearing them as sexual predators. 

     The Police and FBI will not investigate these crimes because these criminals have connections and all investigations are blocked up the ladder and MadDogsUSA needs your help to force them to investigate. These Female Hate Groups help people steal money from Social Security and from Insurance Companies and a small portion is funneled to nonprofit groups like A Woman's Place. These criminals continue to be used in medical frauds to drain Soc Sec and Insurance Companies. Some of the stolen money is used to help people in need but a lot is lost on greedy Lawyers and Doctors. They  use corrupt Lawyers  on these cases to funnel some of the settlement money to participating Non Profit Groups like a Woman's Place that often destroy good men. The network of Activists help protect these criminals because many are getting donations from the thefts. 

     These Activists and Lawyers have built an army of corrupt activists that illegally get compensated from Social Security after corrupt Doctors help build fraudulent medical records for disability. BELIEVE IT!    


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