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Click here to donate 4 sports equipment 4 kids! Any amount ($1, $2, or $5) will help us help kids in the USA and Africa! Use your credit card on our secure fund raising site!

Help us help you and yours!      

We need you to help build MadDogs into and organization that can fight these powerful and twisted female hate organizations that destroy children, men and families for female criminals associated with these hate activist groups! They always play the victim but they illegally drug men and their children and smear a man as violent and as a cheater after the man is raped or seduced usually while he is illegally drugged! They make young girls and young women parade like prostitutes in front of male victims in stores near cameras to build false smear material! They are trained to make noises or have strong perfume on to get a male victim to look in their direction for a photo op smear! They make Middle School, High School and College girls strut like street walkers on or near school grounds from CB South and Unami in Bucks County PA to Colleges and one HS in Hawaii and we need to stop it! Please help us report these child corrupting criminals and have them stopped by All-American Criminal Justice staff and not corrupt official's that sweep it under the rug! Help us help them because they target kids of Criminal Justice families the most to obstruct justice!       

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