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     Bucks County Judge, Maggie Snow, called Janet Gingerich Stephenson the most vindictive person she even dealt with in January of 1996 for an ARD herring involving her husband James. Janet, along with her other four children and Activist Network have been allowed to commit serious crimes involving children and even attempted murder of her eldest son Jim and her husband James! By purposely exposing James and Jim to extreme danger while enslaving Jim and exposing Jim to extreme harassment, mental abuse and physical abuse while both were often illegally drugged both men and the innocent public were at great risk! Other family members in the house were barricaded upstairs with weapons and vicious dogs that were kept as early alert warning systems and an aggressive deterrent. Jim is very nonviolent and very brave and prayed daily to have the strength to survive his enslavement, severe sleep deprivation and extreme pain without retaliating with physical violence even when attacked or having his life verbally threatened consistently! Jim was purposely kept in an open area that was less that 10 by 10 with continually traffic, zero privacy and constant loud noise! Jim is a legally ordained Minister and God and Jesus have been with him throughout the Conspiracy (started in 1963) saving him countless times and giving him the strength to peacefully endure! Jim is the witness (purposely shown massive corruption) to many of her crimes involving Ruthless Lawyers, Judges, Activists, Politicians and especially Doctors (motive for FALSE medical smears) that steal massive amounts of money in the Robin Hood Conspiracy! The Activists are helping her with her personal vendetta because they are receiving a small portion of the thefts plus they get off on hurting MEN. You can not believe anything they say. Janet and her Lawyer Groff kept sending zero balance bank statements to James playing poor. During a Court Herring she later admitted she had almost $200,000 in the bank. They play poor and hide money with other family members. See profiles below:    

     The original Conspiracy was formed around 1964 by Mayor Gingerich to prevent his son-in-law, James W. Stephenson, from leaving his daughter Janet. The Conspiracy was later expanded to force James to reunite after he separated and fled to Seattle because of HARASSMENT (POLICE, FIRE, PI's and ACTIVISTS). POWERFUL Mayor Gingerich was able to force James to reunite from over 2,300 miles away because of his powerful connections! BELIEVE IT!
     After Janet was SCORNED, she and her ruthless Aunt Inez decided to retaliate and corrupt, smear and destroy James, son Jim, son Mark and Janet's Archenemy and Mother-in-Law Mary Stephenson. Janet started a family feud in 1958 by accusing Mary of stealing her infant son Jim away from her. Both women were grooming baby Jim as there caretaker and fought over him for five or six years. Janet blamed Mary for destroying her marriage in retaliation over baby Jim. Inez and Janet purposely tried to corrupt and destroy her two eldest children because she thought that they would testify against her in her planned divorce. In fact, the Conspirators corrupt everybody they can that is involved so they can not testify against them. All of Janet's children have been corrupted to very different degrees so they can not testify against the Conspirators without being destroyed. This is how ruthless Lawyers work, using the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) Methodology.
     Janet and Inez purposely exposed Jim and Mark to sexual material, movies and books at a very young age. Janet had both Jim and Mark sexually assaulted, abused and even raped (BOTH BOYS) to try to make them sexual deviates. Jim was not raped until he was 19 but according to Janet, Mark was raped at 12. Jim thinks that both boys were sexually assaulted by the age of six by young females Janet used and manipulated. They corrupted many assigned friends and classmates, especially with minors and young women in the states of Washington, Delaware and Florida, Believe It! When the corruption did not make them sexual deviates, they started the severe smear campaign in 1972 at AI DuPont where many students were severely corrupted. Abused kids associated with the Hockessin Vol FD (HVFD) brought in BONDAGE and Porn magazines designed to corrupt and smear Jim at the age of fifteen. These magazines were passed around at school and many students were severely corrupted, including All-American type children. Some proof is in the 1975 AI year book, coded as going to see movies (PORN). At Sanford, Jim was drugged and sexually assaulted four times in the last month of school. One was by a sixteen year old Black Cheerleader that was manipulated into an attempted rape of Jim with the help of his involved classmates! This was a racial hate crime designed to pit Jim against the Irish dominated Police, Family and the KKK in Lakeland, FL where Jim was forced to go to College, Believe It! Jim was drugged and raped by all four women he has had intercourse with on the first occasion. Jim has been severely sexually assaulted many times while drugged but has been able to fight off several attempted rapes since May of 1976! Jim is sexually assaulted and harassed in public and at his places of employment but when he reports these incidents they are ignored. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE SMEAR MATERIAL BECAUSE MANY OF THESE RUTHLESS FEMALE HATE ACTIVISTS OFFER UP THERE MINOR CHILDREN FOR THE CAUSE AND DRUG CHILDREN AND MEN TO MANUFACTURE FALSE ABUSE SMEAR MATERIAL TO DESTROY MEN IN DIVORCE CASES! Believe it.      

Root Conspirator (1963/64 to 1967): 
A. Powerful Mayor Edward C. Gingerich.
     1.  Mayor of Cheviot, OH for 26 years.
     2.  Municipal Judge-Knew most ruthless Lawyers.
     3.  Supervisor to Police and Fire Chiefs.
     4.  President of Ohio Mayors Association.
     5.  In the Electoral College.
     6.  Honored at NFL game 5 years after he died. 
     7.  Knew JFK, LBJ, RFK, FDR, etc. plus recruited and helped recently retired politicians that OWED HIM and his connections including Senator John Glenn when he was an Astronaut in the mid 1960's! JOHN GLENN WAS AT ROCKSTAR STATUS EQUAL TO THE BEATLES and JOHN GLENN would call my Grandpa and we would all gather around the phone to hear the Mayor advise and recruit him! This is only one example of the Mayors powerful connections! The Mayors son Tom (A Democratic Party Boss in Hamilton County) and his ruthless sister Inez (On the Cheviot, OH City Council) kept the Mayors political connections well after his death in July of 1967! Inez made several large Campaign Contributions to the very small Democratic Party in Delaware and my brother Mark was appointed to West Point soon after the donations! In fact James says that those donation have allowed three family members to Graduate/Attend West Point which was worth 1.3 Million in todays money (2014)! That is how the REAL SYSTEM works in Politics in most areas of the USA from what Jim has seen nationwide! 
8 The Mayor got four family members Teaching in Cincinnati because he had connections to the Teachers Union in the Democratic Party! In fact he brought is ruthless sister Inez back from Enid OK where she attained the level of Assistant Superintendent and place her in the very same school that James taught in in Cincinnati to spy on him! Inez had her Protégé (Mr. Wagner I think) from Enid, OK hired in Upper Moreland (UM) Schools (Willow Grove, PA) where she later had James hired! Believe it! It gets much worse because Upper Moreland is closely aligned with Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH) and UM sold the old school James was Principal at (NWG) to AMH for a fraction of the worth! It gets way worse Jim was hired at AMH and severely abused at AMH for over 5 years! On top of that UM Parks holds a major fund raiser for AMH at Masons Mill Park where Jim was made to work at after his freshman year at FL Southern College (FSC) in 1977! It gets way worse because FSC is the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) architecture in the world and the Synagogue in nearby Jenkintown was built by FLW and many UM and FSC Teachers would visit each other! It gets even worse because when Jim was placed in the Orlando Police Department (OPD) in 1989 one of the System Analysts incharge was from CB West and was a key Teachers Union figure that got Central Bucks the highest pay rate for teachers in the USA around 1980 and his daughter was sent to FSC for his help falsely smearing Jim! The Teachers Union is strongly influenced by Union Members in the Bucks and Eastern Montgomery areas because they have some of the highest paid teachers in the Nation! In fact where Jim took College Classes at Bucks County CC in Newtown, PA the local school district Counsel Rock is/was the highest paid teachers in the nation! The Teachers Union is highly influential in the areas where Jim and James were forced to live! IT GETS MUCH WORSE because the UM Mafia (what Jim calls them) claim to have control/influence over many powerful politicians and even arranged a UM educated teacher/professor to a very powerful Politician and Jim 100% believes them because these female activists have arranged ALL of the marriages to Jims siblings and to Jim and maybe his two most involved cousins! All are married to children of involved groups!!! They gets spouses/sexual partners to manipulate victims and powerful Politicians, Judges, etc... Believe it, even the best Law Enforcement Agencies in the world fall victim like the recent elite Secrete Service sex scandal! NOW laughs at men calling them weak willed and that is why Jim has been celibate for 20 YEARS on Oct. 15th, 2015! Kids are more important than sex and Jim will never sell the kids out because they are being destroyed and endangered in schools where they should be safe! Female dominated industries favor the male in 99.9% of the cases and Jim worked in Family Courts and they are destroying families at will! Jim had the best Child Support Application implementation and conversion out of 69 FL State County Clerk of Court Offices and he worked with many other offices and find out the REAL SITUATION! Read the latest book by female Phyllis Schfaley that exposes the real situation in the family courts and how they are destroying the institution of the family! Jim found this out in 1993 and quickly became a victim of it! Get her book on Amazon for more information!                     


Root Conspirator (1967 to the Present): 
A. Janet Gingerich Stephenson.
     1. Daughter of Mayor Edward Gingerich.
     2. Strong Connection to Powerful people.
         A. Aunt Inez was a City Councilwoman.
              1. Powerful Lesbian Activist.
              2. Powerful Teacher Union Member.
         B. Brother Tom was a powerful Democrat.
         C. Worked at Social Security in Phila.
              1. Defrauded Soc Sec with false disability cases.
         D. Worked at Social Services in Del.
              1. Used poor children in Del.
         E. Hired A Woman's Place Lawyers.
     3. Corrupted many minor children.
         A. Sexually, including rape using other people.
         B. Tried to corrupt all her children.
              1. Can not testify against her.
              2. Son Jim was least corrupted but most smeared.
         C. Classmates of her children and grandchildren.
              1. Most of which were children of Activists.
         D. Many of her Grandchildren.
         E. Many nieces and nephews.
         F. Children of Activists.

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